5 Reasons to Hire iPhone App Developers from HokuApps

2 min readApr 6, 2022


Here’s how HokuApps can be a strategic partner in your digital transformation.

Help in App Strategy

App development should not be viewed as a standalone phrase. Your digital transformation journey includes translating workflows and business goals into app features, creating a fully functional solution, testing, and deployment as well as upgrades and expansion to incorporate new features and leverage the latest technological advancements. HokuApps recognizes that your mobility journey needs more than a skilled iPhone application developer. The company has a team of highly experienced professionals, who have in-depth knowledge of deploying mobility solutions in diverse industries. The team partners with you right from the app strategy stage.

Follow Industry Best Practices

Did we mention a mobile app is more than just coding? When you hire iPhone app developers, the focus needs to be more than how well they can code. Apart from clean coding, the app must adhere to industry best practices, whether it is about data security, load time, navigation, notifications or workflow. Industry best practices can be incorporated very easily by using HokuApps Enterprise Mobile App Development Platform (MADP), a platform that offers reusable components that already incorporate industry best practices.

Speedy Deployment

Reusable components spell big benefits across the board. They eliminate the need to create every line of code from scratch. The reusable modules offered by HokuApps allow an iPhone application developer to create and deploy the mobile app within weeks, rather than months. Being able to develop and deploy an app 10 times faster allows a business to innovate ahead of the competition.

Completely Bug-Free

The cost of fixing an error found during the testing phase before product release can be up to five times higher than fixing the error during the design phase, and the cost could escalate up to 100 times if it is identified after app deployment, says an article by Systems Science Institute. And the cost of bug fixing rises depending on your company’s size, a number of employees and different types of roles that the app permits.

Smooth Integration

HokuApps Enterprise MADP also offers built-in connectors for fast integration with legacy systems, such as ERPs and CRMs. The platform also has one-click integration with more than 500 third-party apps.

Rather than investing time to hire iPhone app developers, you can simply use HokuApps Enterprise MADP to embark on your digital journey incredibly fast and at a significantly lower cost.

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