iPhone App Development — 5 Ways Swift Makes it Better

3 min readOct 10, 2022


Here are the reasons that you should adopt Swift as the programming language for your iOS app development:

Cost feasibility

When it comes to iOS app development, there exist only two options for prospective app owners to choose from — Objective C, and Swift. These developers tend to charge far greater amounts of development fees when it comes to Objective C programming, almost as high as 100,000 USD. Swift is relatively more reasonable, with developer fees being close to 95,000 USD on average. The price disparity may not be very great, but even 5000 USD can prove to be a crucial amount when it comes to new (startup) businesses.

With rapid app development platforms like HokuApps, iOS app development is made easy on an automated platform where 90% of the app development is automated. In other words, automation equals affordability.

Open source

Swift has been developed as an open-source programming language, which means that the entire source code is made unanimously accessible to all those working with Swift. This will end up resulting in better-performing apps since the groundwork is laid out in a collaborative manner. This is something that your iOS app development will benefit greatly from, and bring a greater amount of ease, efficiency, and flexibility to your enterprise app development.

Simpler coding

Swift comes with relatively simple syntax guidelines, as it is much closer to the English language. Furthermore, the language also integrates the usage of multiple higher-order functions, which reduces the length of the overall coding. The enhanced simplicity of Swift has led to a growing number of young developers opting to learn the language. This has caused an increase in the number of options for business owners looking to opt for iOS app development. Furthermore, the larger number of developers to choose from has also led to better pricing choices.


Nowadays, there exist major concerns around technology when it comes to security. The notion that the more advanced technology gets, the more vulnerable it is; has rooted itself in the minds of a great many people, making them paranoid, and often reluctant to use technology. And this is for good reason too, with spying, cyber-stalking, and privacy invasion becoming child’s play for those who are able to navigate computing systems. The security concern is very high when it comes to mobile apps as well, especially new ones. This is where Swift greatly augments your iOS app development, through its advanced security features that are very simple, and cost-effective to maintain.

Linux advantage

Swift allows for iOS app development to be carried out using Linux. Having cross-platform capability, Linux can potentially open up several business avenues for new businesses, by giving them the capabilities of multiple devices, as well as platforms. For a business, the greater the number of devices to be harnessed, the greater the chance of revenue.

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