Top 5 Reasons You Will Fall in Love with Application Development

4 min readOct 5, 2021


New-age application development requires multiple languages in order to sustain a multitude of interfaces, such as web, desktop, and mobile. A web application, for instance, runs on a user’s browser as well as on a server. Hence, developers have to perform the coding by using multiple languages so that the application functions at its optimum on all the interfaces. The same application can go live on a mobile with some additional programming languages.

With such application programming and coding complexity, there is a high chance that even the most enthusiastic developer might find the process of application development a bit difficult to comprehend.

This might eventually rob the fun out of programming. However, there are advanced Rapid Application Development Platform solutions like the HokuApps that can actually make developers fall in love with rapid application development again.

Rapid Application Development tools are effective for developing all kind of applications, irrespective of the complexity involved. HokuApps has a wide range of RAD tools to address the needs of developers across multiple sectors. It boasts of features that can provide an entire gamut of short-term and long-term gains for the end-users:

Linking Operations with IT

A growing number of IT professionals devote almost half their productive time on project rework. You can blame the difference of ideas between the leadership and the IT teams for this. While the former takes care of the development and quality control procedure, the latter is more focused on analysis and the final product in course of the entire development timeframe. This gap can be minimized by involving the two departments as stakeholders of equal stature.

HokuApps’ RAD tools help to create a conducive atmosphere for the functional departments and IT teams to collaborate during all phases of development. Hence, applications manage to exceed the expectation due to the advanced involvement of IT and personnel involved in business operations. This also leads to the reduction of rework for a particular project.

A Low-Code Model

The HokuApps Rapid Application Development tools function in a low code environment. Hence, there is hardly any investment needed for lengthy hand-coding. Instead, more intuitive and advanced interface can be used to add more features and functions, to strengthen the app. This cuts down on time-to-market due to a significant reduction in coding. Developers get also more time to focus on other pressing issues and make the app look refined.

Faster Launch

Competition drives today’s market. So, your business needs to have swift go-to-market approach; else the market share might get compromised. HokuApps’ Rapid Application Development tools increase the turnaround time by removing inaccuracies from the development cycle. Its drag-and-drop features allow anyone holding varying levels of technical expertise to develop, test, and finally deploy applications, without any assistance from the IT department.

HokuApps’ Rapid Application Development platform possesses intuitive interface, which encompasses all the Rapid Application Development tools, thereby making the application development task easier for developers.

More Affinity for Technological Breakthroughs

These days, expectations of end-users have skyrocketed, thanks to the huge growth in device ownership and Internet connectivity. In order to pacify the growing market appetite, application developers need to be agile and adaptive to scalable methods and mobile platforms. Decreasing the total cost of ownership (TCO) can be a challenge.

The rapid growth of APIs and equivalent front-end technologies have increased options for developers. HokuApps is a standalone instance. Its Rapid Application Development tools are developed for smooth app functioning, addressing digital disruption in the best possible way. It is also easy to modify apps across a variety of mobile platforms as well as devices through HokuApps RAD tools and perform iterations when needed.

Automated Processes

The HokuApps rapid web application development tools help to automate a major chunk of the app development method (more than 90%). All app updates and modifications can be done using Rapid Application Development with a drag and drop process.

It is very difficult for a business to stay relevant and equally competitive at a time of frequent digital evolution across various industries. So, it has become crucial to make investments on easy-to-use apps, which are feature rich as well to deliver a seamless end-user experience. This is where the developers can leverage the best Rapid Application Development tools of HokuApps.

Currently HokuApps has a strong market positioning when it comes to having the best RAD platform. HokuApps developed these RAD tools focusing on the user, thereby making application development very simple and agile process for the developers. These advanced tools for Rapid app development help developing of both enterprise and customer-faced applications for desktop and mobile devices.

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